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August 20, 2020


To Whom it May Concern,


I have known Katie Harvey since late 2008, when she was hired as a Registered Veterinary Technician at the veterinary hospital where I am employed.  During her time at Coventry Animal Hospital I was her office manager.  I also had the privilege of watching her pursue her goal of building/operating and managing a boarding kennel for dogs and cats.  This included several business workshops and planning sessions through the Stratford Business Centre. 

Katie demonstrated above average work ethic, performance, and ability.  Her quality of work was always of the highest standard.  The drive and passion to give her best never wavered.

Highly liked by all her co-workers, Katie was a team player.  Offering to help wherever needed with a positive attitude was standard.  Friendly, caring, and professional are all aspects that describe Katie in regard to customer service.  Enthusiastic, compassionate, and knowledgeable are characteristics that describe her dedication to animals of all species.  

Since leaving our practice and opening her current business Tails Wag Inn, Katie has demonstrated how all the previously mentioned traits enhanced and made her boarding facility the success that it is.  Aside from her veterinary knowledge, she has an amazing animal sense that is very important when working with groups of dogs.  Her attention to behaviour, temperaments and animal husbandry requirements ensure all pets in her care are safe, happy, and healthy.  Not leaving out the people – Katie will always go above and beyond to ensure her customer’s expectations are not only achieved but exceeded. 

The best recommendation I can give, would be letting you know that I have had my dogs Bizzy and Earl stay with Katie for overnight boarding and day play groups.  They would always be excited to go back again!



Jennifer Roote

Office Manager/RVT – Coventry Animal Hospital

Katie Harvey’s Tails Wag Inn has been ‘home’ to three of our Golden Rescue™ retrievers, all of whom are/were St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs (Stratford-Perth).  Katie’s impressive professional credentials were well known to us as we were clients of Coventry Clinic in Stratford and she provided care for two of our retrievers.

            When we decided to “kennel” our dogs, Tails Wag Inn was the obvious choice.  The facility was first class and had Katie’s indelible stamp of commitment and care all over it.  Being able to place two dogs together was an added benefit and made it quite affordable to be away for days at a time.  I was particularly impressed with the vaccination standards which were enforced at TWI.  The “day care” package drew our attention and once we tried it, there was no going back.  Day care made our lives ‘work’ as my wife and I, are involved in a number of volunteer commitments.  Our current retriever, Precious, used to go ballistic the moment she saw the turn-in for TWI and was so excited to see Katie, Lynne and all the wonderful staff I thought she would turn herself inside out just trying to get in the front door!

            If you have never kennelled your dog or cat, or considered the “time relief” of day care, I would urge you to consider Tails Wag Inn.  Despite the extra kilometres, we will return as regular customers just as soon as TWI opens in its new location.  It is well worth the drive.
           Your four-legged family member will receive excellent care and supervision with Katie and Crew!  She is simply the best at what she does and the love she has for her clients’ pets is abundantly clear.  I’m a charter member of the TWI fan club and I invite you to become one, too.


Peter Mussen

Golden Rescue Canada™

St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs

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