Tails Wag Inn

Guest Details

: _______________ Dog (  )  Cat  (  )   Colour: _______________

Age:_______________      Breed : _______________

Gender   Male (  )  Female (  )  Spayed/Neutered (  )  Intact (  )

Feeding Instructions: Breakfast: ______________

Lunch: _______________

Supper: _______________

Describe Your Dog (Circle All That Apply)

Playful         Digger        Climber        Dominant           Energetic     Chewer

Escape Artist           Humper          Submissive            Excitable        

Food Aggressive       Toy Aggressive       Dog Aggressive

Fearful       Vocal        Loves Fetch     Nervous          Hard to Catch

Other: __________________

Describe Your Cat (Circle All That Apply)

Playful        Food aggressive          Escape Artist          Social

Quiet        Fearful        Aggressive       Loves to snuggle

Energetic            Other: ___________________

Vaccination History *Written proof of vaccination is required*

: _______________ Rabies: _______________ Kennel Cough: ______________
                  dd/mm/yyyy                                dd/mm/yyyy                                          dd/mm/yyyy
FVRCP: _______________


Does your pet have any allergies? Please indicate any below:

__________________ __________________ __________________

*If your dog requires any special care or medications, please inform us at the front desk*

*This information will be kept on file for future visits to the kennel*



Tails Wag Inn 4529 Line 42 Sebringville, Ontario N0K 1X0