Cats are sensitive creatures, and each is an individual with its own specific needs.
At Tails Wag Inn we provide your feline with a quiet, spacious area to stay which is separate from the dog kennel. 

+$6.00 per additional cat staying in the same

*Each suite includes a perch and large window
 for sunbathing and entertainment

*Litter boxes and litter are provided.

*Each suite is cleaned and disinfected
 daily,during that time your pet will have the
 chance to explore the cattery.

*There are plenty of toys to play with and cat
  towers to climb.
*We do not accept unneutered male cats.


 Click here for information on required vaccines and what to bring when boarding your cat.


Tails Wag Inn 4529 Line 42 Sebringville, Ontario N0K 1X0